AccessDPRK: Cities

Cities with reports as of July 2021. Click on image for a larger view.

As part of his monthly Patreon rewards, a supporter began asking me to create exclusive, short reports on North Korean county seats. So far, 25 individual cities have been analyzed and two more are done each month. 

With his generous permission, I will now be able to provide these to the public and I will be listing PDF versions on this page soon. 

Each report consists of a brief description and history of the city, discusses their economies and any changes in recent years, and notes the military situation of each city. They're typically 2-3 pages long and include satellite images annotated by me. They are based on publicly available information and data from the AccessDPRK 2021 Pro Map.

The public reports will be lightly edited for tone and to give additional references when needed.

These are listed by initial publication date.

Kyongwon, N. Hamgyong - April 2020

--Jacob Bogle, 6/21/2021

All PDFs are hosted from via GoDaddy. 

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